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Not Fade Away: A Short Life Well Lived

Some people are born to lead and destined to teach by the example of living life to the fullest, and facing death with uncommon honesty and courage. Peter Barton was that kind of person.

There are some books you read and share with others. There are few books you read and remember forever. I've had a few of the latter and all have little to do with business.

As you have read, or hopefully will read soon, Peter Barton was a mensch. On top of being a talented businessman, he was a seeker of life before it was taken away from him too early. This is a message to all of us. The scariest thing in this world is having lots of potential and never being able to have the time to see it through. If there are ideas you have, run at them. If there are relationships you want to mend, don't wait. And, if there are regrets, try your best to minimize them.

A major learning was around high-achievers taking a breath, especially when you're young. Even though this journey we're all on can be taken in a second, it's a waste if you're not present and getting after it. Easy to say, hard to do for sure. The overall message of this book places an emphasis around the optimism and motivation needed to change the environment around you for the better.

This blog is and will be generally business-related but it's important to share impactful experiences and learnings with anyone interested. This sharing may or may not help, but it's an example of giving it a shot. Put pen to paper (or keystrokes to screen) and start making the changes needed to live an extraordinary life.


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