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Changing the Immigration Narrative

In the past decade, the U.S. population grew by 7.4 percent, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That's the slowest rate of growth rate since the 1930s. That, combined with an aging workforce, could mean trouble for U.S. employers struggling to find employees for critical roles.

The US was built by immigrants. Period. It doesn't matter what party you sit with. What matters is how the US can compete in a global economy that is more connected and competitive than ever. There is a great debate going on right now around how to flip the narrative on letting people into the US and the processes involved. From a business perspective, we need the best talent in all industries. We need the world to know the US is open for business and recruiting the best talent in the world is a major priority. This mindset shift is important for us to think about when it comes to the world order.

On the home front, there are major issues to unpack. Let's focus on the major trend happening before our very own eyes: child birth. US parents are having less and less children and these numbers are on the decline in a major way. How does this have anything to do with immigration?

In previous generations, the US was having an average of 3 kids under the age of 18 living per household. This number is around 1 per household today. The lack of household growth will have a direct impact on innovation and competitiveness in the global economy. When we don't have enough children being born and developing here in the US, we lose out to other nations. We need to consider alternative options to relieve the talent gap and this is where immigration comes into play.

Instead of sitting back on these trends, we should be proactive in allowing the best talent in all industries to come to the US. We should be competing for this global talent just like any business competes on recruiting the best of the best. We have the opportunity to change the immigration narrative and really drive competitive edge here at home while providing access and support to everyone that wants to play ball.


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