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[PODCAST] Artificial intelligence may have its pros and cons, but don't ignore it

John Henry Smith is Connecticut Public’s host of All Things Considered, its flagship afternoon news program. In his 20th year as a professional broadcaster, he’s covered both news and sports.

Google has introduced a feature called Search Generative Experience. It’s the latest effort to incorporate artificial intelligence into a consumer product or service. ChatGPT is currently the most prominent name on that front.

If you aren’t working right now to understand how to incorporate AI platforms like ChatGPT into your life, you should, Joe Nigro says. The Stonington, Connecticut, resident is founder and CEO of Maslow Capital. He’s also a long-time user and proponent of AI technology.

AI "basically takes what the iPhone moment was many years back ... and it blows that out of the water,” Nigro said.

While the first successful AI program was developed in the 1950s, Nigro says only now do we have the computing power to make the technology an indelible part of our lives.

“We're able to essentially take every piece of information on the internet, process it, store it and create action items against it, which is what everyone sees today with this ChatGPT product," Nigro said.

Nigro thinks using chatbots like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard are helpful in organizing our personal lives and looking up all sorts of information, including the interpretation of medical symptoms.

What also excites Nigro is the help AI can offer in finding a job.

“I think one of the great examples is resume building,” Nigro said. “Prompt ChatGPT by telling ChatGPT a little bit about yourself, your skills, and what you'd hope to achieve in the future with a job opportunity, and essentially what ChatGPT is going to do is literally create an ideal resume for you.”

And, once you have a job, Nigro says the AI chatbots can help you excel.

“You can leverage AI into your day-to-day tasks at your company and be the person that can help drive that organization forward,” Nigro said. “If you want to be a plumber, electrician, or a carpenter, AI can help you understand and unpack physical manuals. Understanding how to construct certain things. You can be ahead of the curve and understand how to add more skills.”

One of the knocks against chatbot results from ChatGPT and Bard is they don’t always produce facts that are 100% accurate. Nigro said you shouldn't trust "anything and everything that you hear and read and see" on ChatGPT.

“The more work and thought that you put into the question that you put into ChatGPT is going to provide you a very articulate answer with a lot of detail," he said. "There has to be a little bit of work on your end to be able to kind of garner the kind of output that you're hoping to receive.”

And what about fears that AI will put us all out of work?

“I would argue the opposite,” Nigro said. “I would argue that lots of people out there can [use AI to] enhance their day-to-day.”


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