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The drivers of growth are the same drivers of humanity itself: food, shelter, health, employment, and social equity.

We support innovations in the industries of basic and functional needs: human health, environmental impact, employment, education, and equality.

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Joe Nigro is an entrepreneur, investor and advisor based in the United States. He has personally launched and participated in various ventures that include a company that makes it painless for you to apply for jobs (acq. IAC), a non-medical home care provider that leverages technology to extend life in the home (acq. Family Directed) and an app through which users can book cleaners, plumbers, handymen, and other household service providers (acq. Angi). Collectively, he has scaled these services all over the United States and has demonstrated a successful track record and reputation in creating and executing on various go to market strategies.

When Joe isn't building, he invests and advises brazen founders pushing humanity forward while tending to his tomato garden 🍅

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